New Angance

New Angance was established in Paris in 2013. We are dedicated to helping women suffering from a variety of skin issues by providing appropriate skin care products, particularly, hydrating and anti-aging products for very sensitive skin.

We believe that we can offer the right treatment that your skin deserves.

Our vision is to help women rebuild their self-confidence and encourage them to pursue beauty bravely.

“New” represents self refreshing. It refers to not only the amelioration of physical appearance, but also the enhancement of the soul.

“Angance” is inspired by the French word élégance, which embodies the image of the Parisienne.

The Venus Curve echoing “Venus de Milo” in the Louvre Museum, the curve symbolizes the eternal beauty of female body.

Mask Collection

The New Angance Mask

A luxurious and comfortable treatment for the skin.
Powerful hydration effectively targenting dry skin and damaged skin in a short period.

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